C Software Engineer - Abu-Dhabi

Abu-Dhabi, Émirats Arabes Unis


  • Solve complex and challenging problems related to the software performance, latency and optimization

  • Support the company by generating and maintaining program and system documentation

  • Analyze requirements, design solutions, debug, and enhance systems and solutions

  • Optimizing product performance by utilizing low level technology and network

  • Programming

  • Develop, sustain and test software

  • Plan, track and provide status on software projects

  • Skills to research and establish technical direction for complex feature development and perform related performance analysis

  • Conduct functional and performance problem analysis

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, or similar

  • Strong working knowledge of C programming language (C, Not C++, Not C#)

  • Experience with bytes extraction, bits manipulation, big Endian, little Endian, pointers, hash lists, threads etc

  • Good network protocols knowledge such as Ethernet, Ip fragmentation, TCP segmentation, TCP reassembly, TLS, HTTP, RTP, SIP, ...

  • Basic knowledge of cryptography, and security protocols

  • Wireshark capturing/analyzing

  • Linux, bash scripting, python

  • Good written and oral English communication proficiency

  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment

  • Hands-on developer who is passionate about technology