Full-Stack Developer (NodeJS/ReactJS) - Remote



  • Be responsible for the technical aspects of the assigned projects

  • Assess and make technical decisions with the support of the team (developers and CTO)

  • Development and testing of the important tasks when it's not possible to delegate them.

  • Help the team members with the technical aspects of their jobs

  • Help onboard new hires and mentor beginners (all the experienced developers in the team will help as well depending on their expertise Front/mobile/back)

  • Break down the functional requirements into technical tasks (can be done with or delegated to the experienced developers that have strong ownership)

  • Knowledge sharing: domain-specific, general technical good practices

  • Help with the communication with the owners of the assigned projects (clarify functional/technical requirements, demo and report the dev progress, answer the technical questions, ...)

  • Strengthen the engineering culture and skills of the dev team (organize hands-on, Write technical documentation/Wiki about code styles, best practices, ask the management for internal/external training 

  • Help the management to pick the right training (online, internal, external) to keep the team's skills sharp and in the state of the art

Technical environment:

  • NodeJS, ReactJs, ReactNative, TypeScript, Docker, Google Cloud GCP

Job Requirements:

  • Problem solver mindset

  • Excellent organization skills

  • The ability to communicate verbally and in writing (English and French) with all levels of employees and management

  • Excellent teamwork

  • Software engineer with 2 years experience at least (strong requirement)

  • Strong background in software engineering  (algorithms, data structures, maintainable code, architectures)

  • Previous experience in running software in production using NodeJs and Javascript stack and docker

  • Previous experience in deployment automation and in devops in general

Full remote : Yes