Senior .NET Azure Software Developer (Casablanca - Johannesburg)

Casablanca, Maroc

The employed individual will be challenged with access to a range of projects at clients across industries, working with other experienced technologists whose single pursuit is optimal value creation for our customers through the construction of peerless solutions, this dynamic self- starting individual will be schooled in the best practices accumulated through successful delivery on hundreds of software development assignments. You would have the opportunity to be involved with both consulting projects and internal projects.


  • Interaction design and user experience guidelines

  • Fluent in a more than one language

  • Full understanding and implementation of the SDLC and design patterns

  • Unit testing, integration and functional testing 

  • Solid understanding, implementation and usage of version control systems – Git, SVN, TFS 

  • Understanding of the .net Framework, its applications and components

  • Microsoft Azure PaaS knowledge and related Azure Services and Implementationss


  • Solutions design and implementation

  • Improving the design of existing code

  • Keep up to date with technology

  • Ability to Multitask

  • System design and analysis

  • Ability to conceptualise and simplify complex problems

  • Ability to read and write specifications

  • Good communications skills

  • Leadership skills


  • Enthusiastic and committed

  • Work with no supervision

  • Work in a team environment

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Delivery focused

  • Work to tight deadlines

  • Professionalism (Conduct and Appearance)

  • Motivated

  • Show initiative

  • Awareness of environment 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics, Computer Science, Engineering or other related qualification (MSCD)

  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in .Net software development experience in SDLC methodologies such AGILE (SCRUM)

  • Skilled in Azure technologies with particular experience in deploying to Azure, developing solutions for Azure and building Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions.

  • Complete at least one relevant certification / skills training annually

  • Partake in Solution Architecture

  • Developing, maintaining, debugging and refactoring of software applications 

  • Perform unit and integration testing 

  • Following and contributing to the improvement of software coding standards and practices being observed within the team environment

  • Identify and resolve software defects, and their root cause 

  • Conducting peer reviews of project code

  • Consume and create technical documentation such as specification documents, UML diagrams, user stories, wireframes etc.

  • Use and implement a version control system to manage code changes

  • Configure, optimise and deploy applications 

  • Conduct system audits and recommendations

  • Task prioritisation and effort estimation, using Agile Methodologies for self and team 

  • Assist and mentor other inexperienced consultants with in current projects

  • Identify and facilitate business opportunities, with specific involvement in the technical presale of potential projects 

  • Contribute to the company Insights, including contributions to the internal intellectual property (IP)

  • Partake in technical presentations/knowledge sharing, both internally and publicly

  • Attend and partake in a minimum of 90% of relevant official events (Staff Events, Department events etc.)